Leadership in Invictus Essay

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The story of Invictus is based upon the life of Nelson Mandela during the time he held his Presidency of South Africa. Specifically, the movie focuses on his ideas of managing the Springboks and how the opportunity of using the country’s Rugby team unfolds as a way to bring the country together. Since The World Cup is being held in South Africa during the first year of his term, he sees The World Cup as an attempt to bring the whites and blacks together by finding pride in their home team’s victory. Mandela is successful at transforming the beliefs of South Africa through his styles of democratic leadership, transformational leadership, and interpersonal orientation leadership.
First, Mandela idealized influence by working well with all
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Lastly, Mandela is always concerned with the members of his staff as individuals and not employees. It is proficient in knowing everyone by their name, considerate of their families, and appreciative of what they do for him. In another scene, he also learns the names of each of the Springbok players because he wants to greet each of them on a personal level.
Later, Mandela shows more depth of his democratic leadership style when he drives towards reconciliation in response to the scene where his party members harshly remind him of the 27 years of life spent in prison when injustice and crimes against blacks were done on the watch of Apartheid. “Forgiveness liberates the soul,” Mandela said. “That’s why it’s such a powerful weapon. We have to prove we are not what they fear. We have to surprise them with compassion.” Another example can be seen when Mandela recites a part of his poem to Piennar. Mandela views this poem as very inspirational suggesting that this is what inspired him through his long imprisonment. Mandela’s use of inspiration in this movie gives us a glimpse into what a great leader he was. He was naturally a forgiver and used that as the initial step in building a new spirit, about how one man can inspire another, that another inspired a whole team, and that team inspired a whole nation. Mandela saw this as a way to make a nation feel like one.
The Transformational Approach is highly visible in the style of

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