Leadership Assessment Report On The Military Essay

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The military performs a leadership assessment report which asks questions about a particular leader’s attributes and competencies. The attributes and competencies of a military leader are the same qualities and actions all leaders should acquire and develop. Attributes of a leader are what makes the leader; it is one’s character, presence, and intellect. Competencies of a leader are the actions of the leader; it is how one leads, develops, and achieves. Each of the three attributes and competencies have subcategories which are more specific on what is required to be a well-rounded leader. After completing the leadership assessment report on myself, I have identified five strengths and weaknesses. My strengths are empathy, communicating, building trust, creating a positive environment and developing others; my weaknesses are my confidence, resilience, personal courage, mental agility, and fitness. Empathy is an attributes, but communicating, building trust, creating of a positive environment, and developing others are competencies. My strengths lie more in my competencies and this is because for the past year I have had a tutoring job. Being a tutor allows me to continually practice being a good leader. Tutoring has helped me identify and develop my strengths. As a tutor, one leads others through the process of studying and learning material which is oftentimes hard for the tutees to grasp and be comfortable with. Large groups of tutees energize me. I love the feeling of…

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