Essay On Combat Leadership

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Leadership with all its complexities is magnified in significance in the dynamic and dangerous environment of combat. In a Marine Corps University guided discussion outline on combat leadership, combat is defined succinctly as “engaging the enemy with individual or crew served weapons; being exposed to direct or indirect enemy fire; and otherwise undergoing a high probability of direct contact with enemy personnel and firepower, to include the risk of capture.” On a more personal level this definition presents is extremely clinical in nature, combat presenting the warfighter with a confusing assortment of emotions, stimuli, and life or death decisions. Marine PFC E.B. Sledge writes in his account on his experience fighting on the Pacific island …show more content…
McCoy USMC in which he writes about the expectations of combat leaders. Using concepts and principles from his book “The Passion of Command” he stresses that the “Adherence to basics provides success on the battlefield”. I think that this valuable principle should become an attitude and mindset in leaders, especially in combat. Complex ideas and plans never survive in high stress situations and no matter how many people believe that they rise to the occasion, everyone always falls to the level of their training. I have seen a small example of the effectiveness that emphasize on mastering the basics has while undergoing marksmanship training from my Dad. As a veteran Marine and twenty year LE special tactics operator, he has witnessed many different methods of training, shooting a variety of firearms and is expert marksman. Before I was even allowed to shoot a firearm he taught me to become proficient in weapons maintenance and safety. This was stressed to the point where I now can field strip my AR-15 carbine and Glock 23 pistol blindfolded. I remember my Dad stressing that a weapons failure due to improper maintenance can lead to a preventable causality in a combat situation and completely preventable. Once I had learned the importance of this aspects of marksmanship and had received lessons on range disciple and safety, he had me spend hours doing dry fire drills, practicing steady trigger pull,

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