Essay on Leadership As A Effective Leadership

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The work field is an institution where citizens commit their time to make an outside living. In the work field, there are leaders that can make decisions for the company, and there are leaders that can’t. Leadership, by definition, would be people who are in charge of organizations and their subordinates (Hogan & Kaiser, 2005). Yet, there is more to leadership than just being in charge. Leadership is an essential trait that not everyone has and can execute effectively. In the workplace, this trait is vital for production and collective agreement. Managers and higher level employees of a company, such as Human Resources, need this trait; however there are two versions of leadership. Managers with effective leadership can have a productive work environment, with little problems occurring. On the other hand, managers with non-effective leadership skills can have toxic work environment where employees begin to despise their environment. One term that goes more in depth with proper leadership is Leader-member exchange, or LMX. LMX is a form of relationship where managers have a high level of trust, liking, and respect (Erdogan & Liden, 2002). A manager with a high amount of LMX towards their subordinates, the subordinates will have higher attention, support, and sensitivity towards their occupation; they also they will go out of their way to perform better (Erdogan & Liden, 2002). Managers with proper leadership skills also must show support towards their employees in order for…

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