Leadership And Management: The Concepts Of Leadership Vs. Management

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Leadership Vs. Management
Some people think that leadership and management are same concepts. But they are different. The criteria for the difference in the management and leadership is as follows:
Leadership refers to setting the new direction for vision and mission for a team which they support, such as a leader is a spearhead for the new direction of the team toward the accomplishment of a common goal. On the other hand, management directs the resources as well as people in the team according to the values and principles which have already established. The management uses a rational, formal method though the leadership uses the passion as well as the mixing of emotions. The management refers to exercising direction of the team in an organization through administrative, supervisory, and executive positions. The managers focus on the formal directing as well as controlling of the assistants, structures, systems, and resources. Management direct the planning and budgeting, and keeping an eye on the bottom line. On the
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On the other hand, leadership with relation to people, and aligns them with the tasks according to their ability and skills. They communicate the goals to other team members. They build the teams, to accomplish a particular purpose, as well as looks for the commitment toward the organization.
The management has maintained the organizing and staffing of the employees. They direct and control the roles and responsibilities of employees. They are creating boundaries for the employees. On the other hand, leadership creates a shared culture. They help the employees to grow and reduce the barriers for them.
The managers maintain the structure of the organization. They delegate the responsibility and authority. On the other hand, leadership Communicates the mission vision, as well as direction to the team members.

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