Leadership And Management Case Study

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These cases share the common similarity of describing people management challenges and the varying angles of solutions which could be adopted based on either a leadership or management perspective. Another similarity that transcends is the common communication gap between the various levels of operations in the specific organizations cited. For example: Case one demonstrates the communication dilemma Derek the new hired supervisor experiences with his employees.
These cases are mostly about both Leadership and management because, most successful business men and women are susceptible to accepting either a leader or a manager’s role contingent on the situations and the context. In relation to the given cases, case 1 highlights
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His job is to manage the day to day activities of his team, supervise his subordinates in their work, measure and report their performance. Accordingly, he needs to focus on getting the work done efficiently to meet the entire team’s target. In this regard, Derek needs to create several processes such as enforcing the company minimum working hours and track the progress of various functions across the organization through time to time performance assessment. For every company, having employees just show up at work is not enough. Nonetheless, the right attitude at work is more important to meet organizational goals. As a new supervisor, Derek must be cautious not to communicate the wrong message to his team members through inaction when rules are compromised. This could spread negativity and unproductivity. A positive environment cannot be underestimated.
On the other hand, case 3 is Courtney’s judgement call for leadership. Courtney in her dilemma is attempting to weigh the long-term repercussion of her next action whilst placing a priority on the precedence this situation would set within the company for other employees. This decision would in effect demonstrate if Courtney would prove leadership in having concern for the employees she is leading through investigating
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Employees are encouraged to ask leadership tough questions and openly share their perspectives. This culture of openness is emphasized in its company vision and mission statement, “Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.” - (Facebook Social Media Network). To no surprise, this is as well incorporated into the products Facebook develops. For example, over the years, Facebook’s products are updated based on the experiences and feedback of the users and its employees. Moreso, the company has established a practice of Friday Q&As where Mark and other top executives address puzzling questions from employees relating to the product or the

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