Leadership And Its Effects On Creativity And Innovation Essays

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Leadership plays a vital role in the success of an organization. The type of leadership in an organization determines the level of productivity of the employees. Organizations with good leadership record outstanding performances. This chapter presents a detailed review on the available literature concerning the topic leadership and its effects on creativity and innovation.
2.2. What is effective leadership?
According to Harvard Business School (2005), an effective leader is a person who leads by example for others to follow because they believe it is the right thing to do. Harvard Business School (2005) noted that honesty and reliability are the main characteristics of an effective leader. Further, Keller (2011) pointed out that great leaders believe in others and always compliments when necessary. In addition, Stanfield (2009) said that great leaders admit their mistakes and are always ready to compensate for the mistakes done. According to Stanfield (2009), great leadership is defined by how a person handles mistakes. Further, Keller (2011) argued that, by a leader admitting mistakes, people feel comfortable to ask for help and advice.
In the same way, Harvard Business School (2005), pointed out that, good listening skills are a major part of effective leadership. According to Harvard Business School (2005), a great leader should be willing to listen to other people’s problems and offer the necessary advice. Keller (2011) noted that great leaders realize that they are more…

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