Essay about Leadership And Innovation : An Organization

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Leadership and Innovation
Shaping an organization as well as one’s perspective is viable through well-thought-of leadership (Aarons, 2006). Respectable leadership shapes perceptions, response to organizational change, and acceptance of innovations such as evidence-based practices (Aarons, 2006). Leadership is inescapable in an organizational literature since leadership is important for both for the organizational process, and for consumer satisfaction and outcomes (Aarons, 2006).
With good leadership, an organization is able to encourage innovation culture (Chua, Roth, & Lemoine, 2015). Innovation culture is practicable when leaders promote a work atmosphere that allows personal thinking and application (Chua et al., 2015). Not only leaders are entitled to innovations; therefore, a leader promotes innovation culture that allows any member of an organization to contribute to an innovation (Chua et al., 2015). Successful organization takes pride in competition in markets through rapid change, and focusing on implementing innovation culture that is indispensable for success (Chua et al., 2015). In endeavor to promote innovation culture, an organization climate needs to be suitable (Bronkhorst, Tummers, Steijn, & Vijverberq, 2015). An organization climate is defined by (Bronkhorst et al., 2015) as the properties of a working environment usually observed by the employees that strongly influence employees’ actions and job performances (Bronkhorst et al., 2015). Recently,…

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