Leadership And Employee Satisfaction

Understanding customer needs as well as motivating employees is a challenge that has been facing business leaders in the competitive world of business (Johnson, 2013). The success of any business lies in providing excellent service to its customers. However, most of the leaders have a problem with understanding the complex as well as changing needs of the customers. Leaders may find themselves in the risk of having outdated policies that fail to meet the emerging needs of the customers. Such policies hinder attraction of the new customers and retaining the existing ones. Once the customers are dissatisfied with the service, they may opt to purchase services elsewhere. Leaders must update policies and motivate the employees to offer excellent service to meet customers’ needs (Wuffli, 2016). In this respect, it is necessary for the leaders to spend time with employees and inform them about the initiatives to take to ensure customers are satisfied. Satisfaction can be met through personal visits to the customers, communication through conventional channels, trade shows, and consumer research. The leaders have to be actively …show more content…
When leadership styles are used appropriately, it motivates the employees which result in greater productivity of the firm (Hewitt, 2015). Some leaders apply an authoritative style in situations that require the use of other styles. Such kind of style does not motivate the employees as it intimidates them and this has an adverse effect on the individual performance and the overall productivity. Coaching and mentoring styles are meant to help the employees to gain skills to perform their roles effectively, and if they are not used appropriately, the desired results may not be achieved. Thus, a majority of the leaders do not use leadership styles effectively and this affects the overall performance of the organization adversely (Genovese,

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