Leadership And Communication : Effective Leadership Essays

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Leadership and Communication Effective Leadership is the key to not only contributing to a successful company but an effective leader is the glue that holds the team together. To be an effective leader this person will be able to communicate effectively. They will be able to communicate through both verbally and non-verbally, will be able to adapt to a variety of communication styles, depending on who their audience is. An effective leader will have active listening skills and not be easily distracted. Effective leader will also be able to be open constructive criticism by their peers, employees and other professionals and to continue to educate themselves in self-improvement in effective communication. Leadership Working for a medium size corporation made up of approximately 350 employees with multiple leaders and managers. As an employee of the company for 8 ½ years I have seen multiple leaders come and go. The most effective leaders that I have been fortunate enough to be part of their team have held qualities such as being able to communicate effectively but most importantly these leaders have the ability to lead by example. Most employees will look to their leader as a professional role model and most likely will mimic their leader’s behaviors. My current leader of my department is from the Millennials generation and is the youngest of all the senior leadership in the company. She is the longest employed member of the senior leadership, has held a…

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