Laws Against Driving Under The Influence Essay

1057 Words Dec 12th, 2015 null Page
Laws against driving under the influence are created to save lives; however, even harsher laws may decrease the number of accidents. Everyday, people attempt to drink and drive while the lives in the car next to them are at risk and they would have no idea. Not having harsh enough laws established for drinking and driving can end up causing more harm because people who don’t get caught will do it again, it can cause damage to those involved, and it takes away from first responders of their duties. It has been said that a person does not need to consume alcohol to make bad choices. There are criminals who have robbed houses or robbed a bank who were most likely not drunk. There have been many complaints for banishing the current DUI Laws due to it not working because cops are more focused on little incidents instead of more destructive things going on in their cities. One book states that back in 1948, judges were more lenient to the laws; “Other accused drivers offered extenuating circumstances, arguing they should not have their license revoked or go to jail because they needed to drive to make a living,” (Lerner 42). They would allow it and the cops had one less thing to worry about. The world is not always that easy. There are people out there who are under narcotics or driving while impaired that can do more than cause serious harm to themselves. Driving while impaired can get a person to a couple of different destinations. For some, it will take them home safely, or…

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