Law Enforcement System Case Study

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The Law enforcement system in the US is not always reliable and and trustworthy in every case. During 1993, in West Memphis there was news about three 8 year old boys being deemed missing from their families. Not too long later they were found dead in a stream. They were bruised, mutilated and tied up like hogs. These three boys were Christopher Byers, Michael Moore, and Steve Branch. Three young adults known as, Damien Echols, Jessie Misskelley, and Jason Baldwin, were eventually convicted in 1994 for 3 counts of capital murder each but not all of these young men were a part of the killings. They were all convicted based on circumstantial evidence and this made many people angry and led people to believe they were wrongly accused.

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Nobody knows his name so he is known as “Mr. Bojangles”. At around 8:40 on the night the children disappeared, the West Memphis police received a call from Marty King, the manager of Bojangles which is a restaurant very close to where the victims were found. King told the police that a black male, muddy, disoriented and bleeding had lodged had walked into the woman’s washroom. And a toilet paper roll was soaked to the core with blood and there was blood and feces on the floor. Considering the year being 1993 and the location being in West Memphis, it would make sense that “Mr. Bojangles” would be a prime suspect not only because of his skin colour, but because of all the blood on him. Officier Meek on the other hand, was not too eager on closing in on “Mr. Bojangles”. She arrived at the restaurant around 8:50 but instead on going into the actual restaurant and talking to the manager, she decided to go through the drive-through to talk. This shows that she did not care too much about the call about the mysterious black man who could have played a large role in the killing of the 3 second graders. After she talked to the manager through the drive-through window, her court testimony states that she went looking for the man for a few minutes until 9:01 when she got a call about someone egging a house. The mysterious man did not seek any medical attention and was not seen again after the sighting at Bojangles. This could very well be because he had a part in the murders and did not want to be questioned by the police. If officer Meek would have put some effort into her job and continued searching for this mysterious man, this very long controversial case could have been

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