Laugh Your Way Through It Essay

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Laugh Your Way Through It

After the Boston marathon attack in 2013, people were very sorrowful of what had happened, and who were very fearful of what was to come. Media at the time were being very desolate and grieving those who had died. Stephen Colbert, the host of The Late Night Show with Stephen Colbert, decided to take an unusual approach. In the introduction of his show the day after the attack, he addresses what had happened to ease the minds of his audience in an ironic, humorous way. He was very serious about the situation but, he decided that adding comedy was suitable. By using Pathos, in a paradoxical way, he could lift spirits, and hide sorrow underneath comedy in a very effective way.
Stephen Colbert always opens his show by yelling, “tonight,” and then playing an introduction video. However, on this occasion after yelling tonight, the video does not play and he catches his viewers’ attention unexpectedly. He then leans into the camera and says in a very soft spoken way, “hey look, before we begin I just want to take a moment to talk about the attack in Boston yesterday.” By the way he says this line in a very solemn tone, it leads his audience to believe that they are going to hear the same, beat to death, mournful lines that they have heard since the attack. He then says, “now obviously, our thoughts and our prayers are with everyone there,” and this line is very distinct because he gives foreshadowing that this is not going to be the typical newscast.…

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