Large-Scale Change at Wssc Essay

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Large-scale change at WSSC

Executive summary

This report is about Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC). WSSC was created in 1918 by the Maryland General Assembly to plan, construct, operate and maintain water and sewer services for residents and businesses in Maryland’s
Montgomery and Prince George’s countries. The bad performance of the company despite of its monopoly situation led the government to warn the company. They had to change their way of operating and this was an emergency. For that reason
John Griffin was hired as a general manager of WSSC in 1999 in order to proceed with the appropriate changes. This report focuses on the change plan that Griffin used in order to restructure the company, what
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First step was the Competitive Action Program (CAP) by creating a steering committee consisting of 12-15 member of a cross section of work functions and hierarchical levels whose task was to review and approve for implementation best-in-class practices in the industry. Although most of the goals were encompassed in CAP other aspects, such as an effort to increase management diversity to better represent the customer base served by the organization, had to be changed to support these efforts. Another step that Griffin preceded was binding a fiscal plan committing to freeze rates for the next five years and to reach external shareholders and gain their support.
On the way to change and in order for the company to be more cost efficient and culture reorganization was needed. Actually between 1996 and 2002 there was a 30% reduction in personnel when CAP identified the competitive gap but also by offering the incentive of early retirement. In the effort of the WSSC to reduce costs beside the cut of the number of the employees also the staffing levels were reduced. This means that they decided to have less staff at night because usually at the night the consumption and the emergencies are low regarding that their clients sleep and do not need to consume at these hours. Furthermore several groups of managers were sent to a local training facility to participate in team building and

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