Lady Gaga Is Known For Making Pop Music Essays

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Perhaps one may say that Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, also known as ‘Lady Gaga’ has conquered living a double life. From her exquisite choice of clothes to provocative performance style to unique sound, Lady Gaga is known for making pop music “weird.” Five albums and eight years later, Lady Gaga continues to rock the entertainment industry not only with her excellence in music but most recently in her debut acting career, therefore, ultimately rewriting her star text. The body of work, authorized and calculated image construction, publicity, and audience participation one sees in Lady Gaga can be defined as her star text (Jackson). A star text can include a celebrity 's albums, movies, music videos, interviews, talk show appearances, gossip articles, sex tapes, political stunts, criticism of the media, fan arts, and hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. According to Micheal O’Shaughnessey and Jane Stadler in “Stars and Celebrities,” to understand a star’s textual presence and its place in society one must look into “how stars operate as a financial and ideological system within the film and entertainment industries” (423). Therefore, understanding how celebrities construct and change their image to the public can help one understand the reason for Lady Gaga’s transformation. From music to acting, this became a gateway to reinvent her star text. Lady Gaga’s calculated transformation from pop-heavy “manufactured” celebrity persona to an accredited and conventional artist…

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