Labour Education : A Different Kind Of Schooling For Union Members

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1.0 What Is Labour Education?
Labour education refers to a different kind of schooling for union members. This is all about learning about the issues in the workplace and beyond. This education helps to know how to handle grievances as well as how to negotiate contracts while ensuring health and safety on the job with exercising labour and human rights. Such an education is helpful to understand politics and economy of the country. According to Schmidt (2007) that labour education is critical to an informed and effective union movement. Basically, this is an effort from the international community to eliminate child labour. As opined by Spencer (2002) that education refers to the key element to prevent child labour. The concept of child labour came into existence as a child with no quality education have no other way rather than entering into labour market. Even in this domain, just because of the lack of education, they are forced to work in dangerous and exploitative conditions as described by Spencer (2002). On the contrary, child labour can be considered as one of the main obstacles for the concept of education for all. This is because a child who is working fulltime cannot go to school. This is reason why the academic achievement of children combining work and school often suffers. This is obvious to find out a strong tendency to drop out of school while entering into full-time employment.
According to Schmidt (2007) that free and compulsory quality education is…

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