Analysis Of Leonhardt's Inequality Has Been Going On Forever

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In the short essay “Inequality has been Going on Forever,“ Leonhardt discusses the negative impact of the separation of the middle and rich class and how it affects the economy. He indicates the amount of massive inequality. Leonhard is able to enlighten the audience by describing the increasing wealth gap, by including our tax system, our education system and how the United States markets and deals with capital. Although many may argue that inequality will always be a problem, Leonhardt is able to shut down the idea by bringing in education as a solution to help the middle class rise up and form a more equal nation.
To begin with Leonhart hints that the world has become inadequate by repeating words such as “inequality, inevitable and equal”
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It also allows the audience to make a deeper connection and create an image in their head. An example is the comparison of the world to a small village. Using this example helps many have a visual and comprehend the basics of the economy. He explains that the factory owners and farmers represent the rich and middle class. Then compares the farms to capital and how explains how the profits are made making an important point regarding how bigger business buy smaller companies benefiting more for themselves and gaining more in wealth. Causing other similar smaller companies to be bought as well or put out of business. Leonhartd explains is a never ending cycle. Using this example and comparing the two allows the audience to understand the differences between the markets and people. Another comparison made was with Germany. Leonhart states “Germany is notably alone among wealthy European countries in having broad-based income trends nearly as weak as the United States“ (Leonhart, 2014). He explains that even the most structural economies, like Germany, also seem to lack the equality with all three lower, middle, and upper classes. This alerts the readers that people are not the only ones with the problem. He wants the reader to acknowledge that inequity is an issue all over the world, because the problem is bigger than what it seems to be, according to …show more content…
Though the wealth gap is also effected by money inherited “passed over time, between generations, regardless of occupation and education.” (Fox, 2016) Leonhart wants the audience to oversee and look at the bigger picture and the solution At the beginning of his article, he lays out all the inequality that takes place in the United States. Leonhardt puts out what wrong doing the government is responsible for. Giving readers statistics and rates allowing the audience to realize what degree of a problem it has been for a long period of time. While it seems as if there is no hope, he provides a solution: education. He then begins to explain that “when a society becomes more educated, many of its less-wealthy citizens quickly acquire…a crucial form of capital-knowledge- that can bring enormous returns” (Leonhardt, 2014). Using this problem and solution gives the reader hope that inequality can be overcome. Leonhardt continues to give several examples of solutions to generate a desire in the readers to make a transformation. Leonhardt wants everyone to know that there is a way to stop almost all this unfairness. He states: “how we tax wealth, how we tax the income of the middle class and poor, how we finance schools, how we tolerate income in health care, how we build roads…” and keeps presenting issues that the government is doing wrong. He lays out all the negative and highlights a sense of

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