Labor Relations In The Pacific Northwest

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The history labor relations in the Pacific Northwest is long and complex story. From a regional scale to the national state, the topic of labor in the northwest has consistently changed due to influences from external events and internal unrest intertwined with racial relations and social inequalities. The significance of the history of labor relations is the influence it had on the course of history for the region and played an important role in shaping the current state and quality of livelihoods within the area. The impact of changes that occurred in the timeline of Pacific Northwest settlement, from women entering the workforce at Boeing, to the movement and actions taken by the union groups such as, the Wobblies, provided a pathway to …show more content…
The Unions of today still continue to fight for a better quality of life for all its members and represent a more diverse workforce. In the modern century, profound movements have taken place in order to remove the social inequalities within the region. From movements such as the Occupy movement in 2011, which addressed the increasing gap of income inequality, to the 2013 approval of a $15 minimum wage in SeaTac, Washington, the people of the Northwest make changes to the region to better the quality through finding adaptive solutions. As history of early 19th century has shown, the national state pushed the region to be more tolerant of diversity in the work force through means of legislation and international affairs. However, in the modern century the Pacific Northwest has reverted the influence back to the national state. With an increasing income divide in the nation, the Seattle area has reacted by enacting a higher minimum wage policy. The progressive approach illustrate that the region continually asserts to improve the quality of life for all residents. While changes may not be as rapid, such as the case with the incorporation of women in the work force in the 1940’s, the rate of change differed from period to

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