Lab Report : The Microbiology Lab Essay

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Throughout the semester in the microbiology lab we have been taught how to conduct multiple experiments to identify microorganisms. Many of these experiments can be used on all different types of microorganisms but cumulatively they can help isolate a singular microorganism’s identity. At the beginning of the semester we were divided into several groups and were assigned an unknown of which we were tasked with identifying. Being assigned number 14 as our unknown, my group consisting of Chijindu Eke, Austin Dicus and myself conducted these experiments over the course of the semester and have successfully identified our microorganism to be Enterobacter Aerogenes. The plan to identify the microorganism was to grow a pure and uncontaminated culture, utilizing aseptic technique, of the unknown and subjecting the colonies to experiments, ranging from glucose and lactose tests to Urease and Oxidase test.
After isolating the microorganism in week one we performed a gram stain on the first harvested colonies in week two which involved coloring the cells that would differentiate the type of cell wall the microorganism had. This resulted in a pinkish stain on our microorganism proving it to be gram negative cell which could be seen under our microscope. This means our cell has a plasma membrane, an outer membrane, a periplasmic space and peptidoglycan layer that make up the cell walls of our unknown. Then we prepped a colony for the second collection of experiment for week…

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