L ' Oreal : The French Cosmetics Branch Of Its Parent Company

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L’Oréal Paris is the French cosmetics branch of its parent company, L’Oréal SA. The division firm is an efficient designer of integrating marketing communications by utilizing an array of marketing activities through authorized channels and maintaining a constant brand message to customers for decades. The success of L’Oréal is derived from long-term customer relationships, client loyalty, and brand ambassadors with influence. Despite being slow to adapt to cultural and demographic changes, L’Oréal has proven to bounce back with quick recovery through effective marketing tactics. The original 1971 slogan “Because We’re Worth It” is a simplistic, yet powerful, foundation upon which the entire marketing strategy of L’Oréal Paris is based on. There have not been many significant changes to the brand slogan since then, merely bouncing from “Because I’m Worth It” to “Because You’re Worth It” and then again back to “Because We’re Worth It” in 2010 as a result of the firm’s 40th anniversary. With translations in over 40 languages, the brand slogan is taken by the brand ambassadors to embody a variety of cultures, ages and appearances of strong women. Some of these ambassadors have included Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez in which they conduct interviews and participate in advertisements promoting what the brand means to them. Female empowerment may not have as much influence in Europe or America (as female rights are pretty established in those areas of the world), but in Africa and…

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