Essay on Kylie Jenner 's Best Friend

1345 Words Nov 16th, 2015 null Page
Everybody claims to support our troops yet nobody really pays attention to what they have to go through to protect not only our country but foreign ones as well. We are too focused on what the famous Kylie Jenner has done to her face or what surgeries Caitlyn Jenner has done to his/her body, to even think about the everyday soldier being deployed out of the country having to leave his or her family for months at a time. Just earlier this month, over a thousand National Guard members were deployed to Kuwait and nobody knows about that, but they do know how Kylie Jenner bought her best friend a car for her birthday. Personally I don 't think we pay as much importance as we should to our military and it shouldn 't be that way. From the outside, the Army National Guard recruiters office doesn 't look too intimidating, it looks like a normal building, brick walls, a few palm trees surrounding it, and a flag flying with the wind. It still however, gives you a kind of nervous feeling as if you were there to sign your life away to your country even though you aren 't. Maybe it isn 't the characteristics of the building, but the knowing how strong the people going in and out are, knowing what they have to go through, risking their lives for their country, for us. As i walked in with my friend Raul Lopez, a nineteen year old guy who has already been to training, I could feel the seriousness in the atmosphere. Motivating quotes throughout the office, pictures of the Sergeant’s…

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