Kuwait Airlines And Five Key Ideas Of A System Essay

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Introduction Kuwait Airways is the national air carrier of Kuwait. The company is owned by the government, and it is based in Kuwait City. The operation of the company is extensive as it operates within the Middle East and, also, scheduled international services to Africa, the Indian subcontinent, Europe, Asia, and North America (Kuwait Airways 2016). This paper will look at how Kuwait Airways can be viewed as a system. This will be possible through examining its components and drawing a relation between them. A system can be defined as a collection of parts which are integrated together in a bid to accomplish a common objective (Open.edu 2013). This article will highlight how Kuwait Airways identifies with five key ideas of a system.
Key Ideas of a System
All elements of a system are interconnected (Open.edu 2013). This means that all the elements of the system have an influence on each other and the actions of one element affect the other elements. Also, the behavior of one element influences the performance of the whole organization. In this case, the elements of Kuwait Airways are the authority, the passengers, the airport employees, the infrastructure and the investors. All these five elements are interconnected and, hence, they form a system. The actions taken by one element will affect the performance of the whole company, for instance, if the passengers decide that they will not utilize Kuwait Airways, the operations of the company will get…

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