Kudler Fine Foods Hris Analysis Essay

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Kudler Fine Foods is a specialty food store consisting of a workforce of approximately 17 employees at their administration office, 31 employees at their La Jolla store, 38 employees at their Del Mar store and 38 employees at their Encinitas store, totaling 124 employees (Kudler Fine Foods Intranet). Each location manages their own employees’ information on their own database. This proves to be a problem since all Human Resources and employee information should be managed at the administrative office on one central Human Resources Information System (HRIS). Another drawback to the current Kudler Fine Foods system is that the timekeeper and attendance records are done manually which is not only time consuming, but causes errors
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In addition, this HRMS system allows HR to: • Track important employee information including employment history, skills, licenses, certifications, and continuing education or training data so that employees can be helped with career development. • Record employment status, EEO, FLSA and I-9 data, as well as other information needed to demonstrate compliance with various hiring and discrimination laws. • Manage performance and compensation information such as job definitions, reviews with documentation, employee ratings, salary ranges, pay grades, and incentives such as bonuses or stock plans.

Benefits Administration For companies that offer multiple benefits such as health, life, and disability insurance, administration plans with multiple insurance carriers must be set up. This can take up to 30% of HR professional’s time just on routine benefits administration. With Sage Abra HRMS, HR will be able to define benefit plans as well as enter employee dependents and beneficiaries. It allows tracking and monitoring of employee elections and calculates employer and employee contributions for benefits. When employees leave the company, this HRMS system tracks COBRA enrollments for improved efficiency and accuracy.

Attendance Accurate attendance information is essential to managing workforce costs and processing accurate payroll. With attendance tracking and analysis capabilities of an HRMS, HR can pinpoint trends in

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