Kristin Lardner's Case Study Essay

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Kristin Lardner’s Case Study
MPA 5400
Public Administration Theory

There are two main theories in public administration that apply to Kristin Larnder’s case study. They are the bureaucracy theory and the client responsiveness theory. In this paper these theories will be discussed in detail as to how they relate to public administration theory. The internal and external environment relationships of Kristin’s case will also be discussed. Public administration affected this case study greatly and there were many factors that could have been prevented, but instead led to Kristin’s murder. There are many theories that ultimately should have been applied to Kristin’s case study that could have prevented her murder.

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Cartier began abusing Kristin in March of 1992. Michael gave Kristin a kitten to tell her he was sorry for hitting her, but then placed the kitten on the top of a door jam and it fell off and Kristin had to have the kitten destroyed. At this point Kristin finally decided to call home and tell her parents what had taken place. She was very distraught over the kitten. The last time Kristin went out with Cartier was April 16 and it ended violently. Cartier pushed Kristin down on the sidewalk and began hitting and kicking her over and over again. A passing car stopped and got out to help Kristin. After this incident, Kristin refused to see Cartier. He would constantly call her and send her flowers, but she wanted nothing to do with him. Cartier was very upset about this and decided to buy a gun. He even told one of his friends he bought a gun and that he was going to kill Kristin, but the friend did not go to the police. Kristin had previously allowed Cartier to charge a Nordic Flex machine to her credit card that was $1,000. Kristin told Cartier she wanted the money and he refused to give it to her. Kristin was very upset and called Cartier’s probation officer and told him about the Nordic machine and the assault, but the probation officer, Moeller, did not come forward with the information due to Kristin refusing to leave her name. On May 11 Kristin finally decided to go to the police and get a restraining order against Cartier. The restraining order was

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