Nellie Bly's Contributions

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Nellie Bly will go down in history as one of the most important “stunt reporter”, traveler, and world changer. While her contributions with her investigations of asylum treatment, harsh conditions in other places of the world, and treatment of the disabled help shape America, she holds the world record for the fastest time going around the world. Discoveries were made during and after her travels, even when she was finished with all her adventures, she went on to invent greater things for America.
Nellie Bly from a very young age was always motivated to prove herself equal to others.
“As a child, Bly was determined to keep up with her older brothers;she would join in even the roughest activities, including races and climbing trees,
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After being rejected on her question of going to Europe and doing read earth on immigrants, her head editor stated “ You can have yourself check into this insane asylum that's more nearby and write about that.” (Source 5) Thus resulting in her accepting the biggest accomplishment starter she would ever be apart of.
Nellie Bly also known as Elizabeth Cochrane Seaman, continuously is seen with America’s biggest changers. Seaman was a stunt reporter, or investigative reporter as we know it now. Her first major assignment was when she checked herself into a mental asylum to really understand the conditions and actions happening inside the asylum. “The idea that she pretended to be crazy to get into a insane asylum, to write an expose, was shocking and exciting...she showed up all those doctors, all those experts.” (Source 4) In addition, Seaman didn't only expose in humane conditions in the asylum, she went on to become extremely famous and go down in history as a record holder. “She is perhaps most famous for her dash around the world in seventy-two days, a feat that boosted the circulation of Joseph Pulitzer's New York World and made "Nellie Bly" a household name.” (Source

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