Korean Reunification

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China’s cooperation and agreement is also a significant factor in bringing the Korean reunification. However, China’s support is uncertain, which this acts as a challenging factor that the United States and South Korea have to solve. Although China used to have a very close relationship with the DPRK and would stand on the DPRK’s side, their relationship has been worsening and cooling throughout the years, which China will no longer assist the DPRK in the case of the reunification. In contrast, the relationship between China and South Korea has been improving and has become much better than that of China and the DPRK. Despite of the changes in China’s relationships with the ROK and DPRK, China’s basis for the Korean Peninsula remains to focus …show more content…
In South Korea’s perspective, the reunification is more possible to be attained by absorption and agreement. It is almost impossible to obtain reunification through the means of violence because this would causes a large number of unnecessary money and life loss; posing heavy burden on the government and the Koreans and may even lead to the occur of World War 3 due to the DPRK’s nuclear capabilities. Obtaining reunification through agreement will be the most gentle and peaceful method as this can satisfy both Koreas by peaceful means . However, it is not easy for the two Koreas to come into terms with each other because they both have their own national interest and the great differences between the two Koreas politically, economically, and psychologically. As North Korea would want a new Korea in terms of the DPRK regime upon unification and would not give up their regime, this makes reunification impossible because it is not sensible for South Korea to accept the DPRK regime on its people and democratic society. Because of all those obstacles such as the North Korea regime and nuclear programs and China’s opposition, reunification through agreement is less likely to be possible. Another possible scenario in the ROK’s perspective is reunification through absorption, which South Korea would absorb North Korea and lead a new Korea in terms of the ROK regime upon the collapse of the DPRK . North Korea is impoverished and famine is severe, which mass number of North Koreans tried to escape to neighbouring countries for better lives; the DPRK regime also violates human rights that a large number of people are against it; the DPRK also lacks the ability to sustain their military establishment because of the lack of funds and support. There are so many factors driving the collapse

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