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With the introduction of social media, slacktivism is more prevelant then ever before. One of the best examples of slacktivism is the response garnered by the “Kony 2012 the Invisible Children” video. Slacktivism also has the effect of lessening the contribution active citizens make. In the bellow essay slacktivism, the Invisible Children video and the affects of slacktivism on active citizens will be discussed.
The word ‘slacktivism’ is derived from joining the words slacker and activism. With the creation of the Internet, email and social media, people around the world have taken to signing petitions and pledging support on online platforms as a way of making a difference. While this form of activity makes the individual feel as though they have made a difference and supported a cause, it creates an impact that is next to nothing. An example of this is the “Bring Back Our Girls” campaign. People across the South Africa changed their profile picture to one that supported the campaign. While this about a pseudo-sense of political awareness and participation, in July of 2017 the girls marked 1200 days of abduction. Slacktivism allows for those in a position of privilege to remain ignorant about the true political environment around them, as well as giving them a sense of pride and arrogance.
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From this feeling of belonging they strive to better the community not only for themselves but for all those in the community. These active citizens are now finding themselves in a world where they are encouraged to make a difference by liking an image or pledging support online. This gives an individual who is an active citizen and whom might have made a real difference an alternative that gives them the same gratification while producing no result. While this is true for most online initiatives, there are some that do actually make a difference and these will attract active citizens

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