Kohlberg Stages Of Moral Development Essay

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Everyone alive has a blueprint and this is mine. But first it is important to understand it is not always about where we start or where we end, it’s about the journey. How did you get from point A to B.? How did we grow, how did we change, was it for the better or for the worst. Did you really change and become a new person or do you just say you did? This is my story of growth and how I got from point A to point B, how I’m a better person for it, and how I change from the person I once was.
I’m going to use Kohlberg Stages of Moral Development to show how I have developed through the years and how I will continue to develop. I started off as a kid who really didn’t care about grades. Who didn’t understand how this would affect me and what it would do for me. I was the type who if they did see immediate results from something they would stop or wouldn’t care. For a long time this didn’t faze me until I spent a summer with my dad in Arizona. This is where I learned not getting good grades and an education could change your life. I learned this because my dad didn’t get a diploma but a GED. He told me how doing this stopped him from getting certain types of jobs because he didn’t have a diploma. My dad is still successful today in the U.S. army, but I knew from that point on I didn’t want to have a narrow job potential because I messed around in school. This is what drives me to get good grades and do something with my life. This drives me because my dad is smart and had the…

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