Knowledge Of The Children Act Prevention And Safeguarding Awareness Case Study

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Knowledge of the Children Act, Prevent and Safeguarding agendas. (E)

I have been working as a Head Youth Worker at Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre for almost a decade and one of my primary responsibilities was Safeguarding (Children Act) as well as an implementation of Prevent. I am also a trained social worker, although I am trained abroad I found it being a very transferable skill set in order to implement the said functions.

Knowledge of developments in education – particularly post 16/ learning and skills and how these impact on the delivery of services to learners. (E)

Nearly a decade as a youth worker I have been mentoring, coaching and advocating for young persons in education as well as advised colleges on inclusion and representation which
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Experience and understanding of the use of technology in the delivery and monitoring of services. (E)

I am familiar with the most modern technology that can be utilised to monitor the delivery of services. I am an early adopter of all technology that can be used to facilitate young persons services, we use Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Blog (in development) Skype as well as Doodle and Pickers to evaluate services and sessions we deliver.

Excellent oral and written communication skills. (E)

I have been working as a senior manager for nearly 10 years throughout that time I had to write reports, presentations, deliver speeches and workshops as well as professionals CPD sessions. I always received a very high regard for the work I did and never got a complaint about my oral or written communication. English is however my second language as I am native Pole, but I am doing TEFL course to further improve my skills. 

Effective numerical skills including the ability to understand and manage budgets and work accurately with statistical information.

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