Knowledge Of The Children Act, Prevent And Safeguarding Agendas

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Knowledge of the Children Act, Prevent and Safeguarding agendas. (E)

I have been working as a Head Youth Worker at Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre for almost a decade and one of my primary responsibilities was Safeguarding (Children Act) as well as an implementation of Prevent. I am also a trained social worker, although I am trained abroad I found it being a very transferable skill set in order to implement the said functions.

Knowledge of developments in education – particularly post 16/ learning and skills and how these impact on the delivery of services to learners. (E)

Nearly a decade as a youth worker I have been mentoring, coaching and advocating for young persons in education as well as advised colleges on inclusion and representation which makes me very aware of the changes that took place in Further Education sector as well as Higher Education since I am still in education as I am a strong believer in continues professional development.

Knowledge of the impact of disadvantage and discrimination on a diverse, inner city community and a commitment to raise aspiration and promote opportunity for all. (E)

I specialised in LGBT youth work and I have done a lot of work with PRU units across different colleges as well as young people in care and equality is very close to my heart. I have developed workshops to increase participation and reduce stigma. I worked with Muslim gay young man and transgender homeless Hindu persons who experience and multiple discrimination and…

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