Knowledge Building Cycle Plan

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I am creating this lesson for my 7th Grade Reading Class; there are 15-20 students per class period. I currently, do not have any EL students in my classroom; however, I do have a range of student abilities in my classroom. About 15% of my student body qualifies for special education. As a result, using the knowledge-building cycle would benefit all my students. Therefore, this is why I am creating this knowledge-building cycle plan to incorporate in my actual classroom.

Identify a list of target terms for big idea
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Introduction of target words
During the introduction to the big idea, the students would participate in an actual survey about their own waste consumption during the lunch hour. While discussing the results
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First, I would review our anchor chart on how to use context clues. While reading for the touchstone text for the second time, I would focus on the new target words. Whenever, the target word would appear in a sentence, I would read the entire sentence or a group of sentences around the word, before pausing. Then I would model a think aloud.
Here is one example of my think aloud.
This is the excerpt from the article: "What we can 't say from that is: What kind of food was it? Was it edible, or just bones and peels? Why did it happen? And it doesn 't give you any information on how to address it," Gunders says.”
One of our target words is edible. As a strategic reader, I am going to read that sentence again to see if I can find any context clues to help me figure out what edible means in this context. “Was it edible, or just bones and peels? Hmm…after the word edible, the author writes, or just bones and peels? Let’s refer back to our context clue chart. I am going to scan through the chart to figure out which context clue strategy the author gave us to use to figure out what edible means. Let’s first look for any key words. Pause for a couple of seconds. “Or” is a key word. When the author uses the word “or” it usually signals a synonym. However in this case, we need to keep reading that entire sentence to see how the author uses the word or. In this case, the author said, “or just bones and peels?” In this situation, the author is actually demonstrating an

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