Kirsten Cookie Case Essay

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Solution to Kristen's Cookie Company (A)
Before answering specific questions, it is useful to make a diagram of the overall process: Note that in this diagram, activities are arranged in columns to indicate which resources are being used. Inside each activity symbol are written the capacity (in dozens of cookies) and the cycle time (in minutes). 1. How long will it take for you to fill a rush order?
Assuming this order is for one dozen cookies, we will need to do the following:
Activity Resource Cycle Time Start Time Finish Time
Order Entry E-mail 0 minutes 00:00 00:00
Wash Bowl, Mix Self 6 minutes 00:00 06:00
Fill Tray Self 2 minutes 06:00 08:00
Prepare Oven Roommate 1 minute 08:00 09:00
Bake Oven 9 minutes 09:00 18:00
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Your labor costs would be:
# Cookies in Batch Minutes Cost Cost per Dozen
1 dozen 12 $2.40 $2.40
2 dozen 17 $3.40 $1.70
3 dozen 22 $4.40 $1.47
It looks like you could afford to give a discount for two- and three-dozen orders. A two-dozen order doesn't cost twice as much as a one-dozen order.

5. How many food processors and baking trays will you need?
The number of baking trays ought to equal the maximum number of trays you will be using at any one time. The highest volume production imaginable would be if we produced three-dozen orders continuously, a scenario depicted in this Gantt chart: It's hard to read the activities along the left axis because they are jammed together, but the food processor is only used in the mixing stage, and we ought to be able to see that the processor is idle for long periods of time, and that the real bottleneck is the oven. Buying another food processor won't improve the productivity of the system at

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