Kirsten Anderberg's Article: The Images Of Beauty Are Unrealistic And Hurt Women

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pieces do not show. Therefore, this is not a feminist appropriate work because it creates a negative image of human beings, especially women. This idea can be seen in various sources surrounding body image as created in art. The struggles surrounding body image and photography are fairly solidified because of this. In Kirsten Anderberg’s article, “The Images of Beauty Are Unrealistic and Hurt Women,” the negative aspects of photography in regard to body image are explored. Anderberg tells the story of a Sports Illustrated model who has a realization about the modeling industry: “She was getting ready for a photo shoot with other famous models and they were all complaining about different parts of their bodies. Their necks, their thighs, their stomachs, their eyes ... And it hit Ann that these models were the pinnacle of beauty that society was holding up as every woman 's ideal, yet it still was not good enough. Their photos from the shoot would be …show more content…
One way that we can do that is to protest movies, television, books, and artwork that promote the degradation of women, whether it be overly feminized or mockingly masculinized. As people who believe in equality, this seems like it would be an easy task. However, it is more difficult than we originally think it is. This means finding a way to spread the message past one person. This can be accomplished in various ways. You could write a negative review on a rating website, make a social media post, or write the creator to ask them to remove it or edit it to be more feminist friendly. All of these are good ideas to try and stop sexism from ruining our media, but it is not limited to this. Even talking to someone about how the artwork degrades women is spreading the message to someone else. Small steps are still steps, and we can use anything at this

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