Killing Me Holly Lieberman Analysis

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The heavenly sound of guitars and pianos complement the angelic voice of Lori Lieberman as she sings, “Strumming my pain with his fingers.” The breakaway of the piano serenades the listener into a ballad of love. Generation by generation, the stylistics of “Killing Me Softly” has evolved to conform to a variety of genres and audiences. It has made its way through airways with notable artists taking a change of channeling the essence of the song. Although the song originated from a young vocalist known as, Lori Lieberman, many credit those who have covered the song as the originators, such as Roberta Flack, The Fugees and Colbie Caillat. No matter who sang it first, “Killing Me Softly” continues to evolve and connect to many in a new and ingenious …show more content…
The pop singer offered a fresh, yet almost nostalgic feel to her 2010 rendition. Caillat prides herself in which is portrayed in the song (Self). She echoed the same slow tempo as Lieberman, but with a more powerful and riveting voice almost similar to that of Flack’s. Although her approach was reminiscent of Lieberman’s, incorporating old folk soul characteristics with new age acoustic sounds that she calls “acoustic pop”, she was not inspired by Lori Lieberman but rather the Fugee’s version. Although the cover is extremely soft and airy, interpretations shown in the Fugee’s interpretation such as the drawn out harmonization are heard extensively throughout the song. Caillat’s interpretation of “Killing Me Softly” was most identifiable with the vast majority of her fan base, teens and young adults. The new found audience felt a strong connection to her music and the song tells their story of that affinity through her own voice that resembled the same meaning as other versions like Flack’s and Lieberman’s. Furthermore, Caillat sets the mood as gentle and mellow allowing a moment for thought of what has become of love. She is almost at peace with the end result. Although, there are large time gaps between the different versions, Caillat continues the legacy of flattering the many who have been in love in some shape or

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