Essay on Kfc China 's Decision For Focus On Healthy Food Option

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KFC China’s decision to focus on healthy food option is a good strategic management decision to take due to several factors that can promote health related issues. Yum Brands own KFC, Pizazz Hut and Taco Bell and the growing number of middle class consumers hold the key to this success. There has been increasing changes in Chinese eating habits dating back to 1949 and 1978 when there were major food shortages resulting on the dependency of coupon-based supply products such as flour, rice, and meat, including cooking oil. During the difficult times, having more grains and less protein and vegetables was the normal diet. In 1978 China opened its economy resulting in an increase of availability in food and peoples’ income. With an abundant food supply led to improved living standards. The introduction of Western cuisine into China played a key role in the changes in Chinese diets. With improved living standards promoted an increase in animal protein intake which led to a decrease in grain and vegetable consumption. Pastry varieties to sweet snacks and sweetened beverages led to an increased sugar intake as well cooking oil was heavily relied upon more in China than in Western cuisine. The traditional Chinese way of living consisted of a three-generation type style of living together and the grandparents prepared family meals. Food consisted of freshly prepared selections purchased every day from super markets. However, the introduction of supermarkets and refrigerators had…

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