Key Aspects Of Being A Great Teacher Essay

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Making content accessible is on my top ten list of crucial aspects of being a great teacher. When I think about content that is accessible, my mind goes to tasks that have more than one access point. In many math classrooms across the nation, there are a variety of skills that come with students that need to be taken into consideration when looking at curriculum. I believe that the best mathematical tasks are those that allow a student who is two or three level below grade level and a student at grade level to access the problem from their perspective and skill level. Tasks that are accessible by a variety of levels prove that there are different ways to solve a math problem even if it is connected to a certain grade level standard. Finding problems like the one I described can be difficult, however they are the most powerful tool to bring a classroom together in community.

The word community suggests that every student has a role within the classroom. This interdependency is created by the first benchmark under the fourth teacher performance task, which states that “when students do not understand content, candidates take additional steps to foster access and comprehension for all learners.” The literacy planning rubrics, which can be found in the edTPA elementary handbook, connect to the idea that in order to foster access and comprehension for all scholars additional steps must be made. In the beginning of the year, many of these steps will be implemented the next day…

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