Kevin Mitnick - Social Engineering and Computer Hacking Mastermind

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Kevin Mitnick – Social Engineering and Computer Hacking Mastermind

Shelby Descoteaux
Professor Kabay
IS 340 A
Nov. 22, 2013

Table of Contents Introduction 3 Kevin Mitnick 3 Hackers and Their Motives 3 The Early Years 4 Adolescence 5 Kevin in Trouble 6 Kevin’s Final Visit from the FBI 7 Hacker or Engineer? 8 Impact on Computer Security 8 Conclusion 9 Works Cited 10

Most people today are aware of the detrimental risk that hackers pose to their computers. They might know about identity theft, viruses, Trojans and worms however what they fail to recognize is how these things are accomplished and if they have actually fallen victim to one of these horrible attacks. But what about attacks with
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“I was indicted on twenty-three counts of access device fraud. Of these, twenty-one were related to calls made when my phone was cloned to someone else’s number. The other two counts were for possessing information, specifically the mobile phone number and electronic serial number pairs that could be used for cloning. The maximum sentence was twenty years for each free phone call. Twenty years for each call! I was facing a worst-case scenario of 460 years.” (K. D. Mitnick)
Hackers and Their Motives The connotation of “hacker” has evolved over time. There are many different types of hackers. Some hackers simply display a funny message across your screen each time you log on. This type of foolish hacker is not particularly common today. Other hackers might try to get access to a system and steal all of the victim’s bank and credit card information, or even worse, steal their identity. Hackers like Kevin gain access to company’s systems to steal things. Each hacker in these scenarios have different motives, and the number of these motives continues to grow. As time goes on, the extent of damage that hackers are capable of continues to grow and the FBI’s interest in these crimes grows with it.
The Early Years The first successful sneaky move Kevin accomplished

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