Kevin Charged Killing His Financee And Two Best Friends Essay

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Kevin charged killing his financee and two best friends

How it happened?

It all happened on a Sunday afternoon in June 2008. Two young girls both best friends Skyla Whitaker 11 year old and Taylor Paschal Placker 13 year old were walking down a rural dirt track.
They both took this track many times before and during that day after having a sleepover at Taylor’s house they headed straight to the riverbank to collect stones and pebbles. But after that they never returned home. The next day Skylar and Taylor’s bodies were found by the side of the road, both bodies were in terrible state "bullet ridden".

When both their families found out they were shocked. They couldn’t believe what had happened. The two best friends were different from each other as Skylar was a fun and adventurous person who loved animals and wanted to kick start her career as a vet in future. And Taylor was a nature freak, she wanted to be a forensic scientist. Both young girls dream shattered and came to an end. During that incident both girls were shot many times in their head and chest with two different guns. Taylor was shot five times and Skylar eight times. For the police this case was very difficult to solve.
So the police interviewed everyone in that area but couldn’t find the suspect.
So the police had to close the case as it was difficult to find evidence and they had no clue who and where the culprit may have been. Since three years the case remained closed and unsolved... In 2011 a dead…

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