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1. Why must companies practice corporate social responsibility?

Companies that practice corporate social responsibility (CSR) introduce policies that consider environmental, societal and financial impacts in their decision making. Operations functions from supply management to product design to packaging, play a profound role in meeting corporate social responsibility goals.

2. Find statements of sustainability for a well known company online and analyze that firm’s policy?

Automotive – automotive companies like HONDA, which is independently developing two new alternative fuelled vehicle technologies such as the natural gas powered Civic and a hydrogen fuel cell powered model.

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As managers understand the issues of the commons, they have further insight about sustainability and the obligation of caring for the commons.

c. Triple Bottom Line – Firms that do not consider the impact of their decisions on all of their stakeholders see reduced sales and profits. Profit maximization is not the only driver by which to measure success. A one dimensional bottom line, profit, will not suffice; the larger socioeconomic systems beyond the firm demand more. One way to think of sustainability is to consider the systems necessary to support the triple bottom line of the three Ps: people, planet and profit.

4. Discuss the 3Rs?

The 3R: Reduce, reuse and recycle. These must be incorporated by design teams, process managers and supply chain personnel. Product design is the most critical phase in the product life cycle assessment. Design for disassembly focuses on reuse and recycle. Product design teams also look for alternative materials from which to make their products. Product design is the most critical phase in product life cycle assessment. The decisions that are made during this phase greatly affect materials, quality, cost, processes, related packaging and logistics and ultimately how the product will be processed when discarded. During design, one of the goals is to incorporate a systems view in the product of service design that lowers the environmental impact. This is the first R. Such an approach reduces

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