Keith Urban Biography Essay

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Keith Lionel Urban was born October 26, 1967 in Whangarei, North Island, New Zealand. Urban is the son of Bob and Marienne Urban who together ran a self-owned convenience store. On Urban’s father’s side, his grandfather was a piano teacher and his father played the drums. When Urban was young his family moved from New Zealand to Australia, and this is where Urban’s uncle gave him his first instrument, a ukulele. Both of Urban’s parents loved country music and this is where he developed his taste for country music. While learning on his ukulele and progressing on to the guitar (which Urban is known for playing), Urban dreamed of becoming a famous Nashville country musician. While growing up in Australia, Urban began playing at local events and won his first talent show at the age of eight (Keith Urban Biography, n.d). …show more content…
Urban produces music that can be up tempo and can put you in a good mood, like the songs, “Long Hot Summer” and “Sweet Thing”. Urban can also produce music that is calm and something that you can relax to like, “Cop Car” and “Raise ‘Em Up”. Urban also produces music that comforts you when you are going through troubled times like, “Raining On Sunday” and “You’ll Think of Me”. The reason why I picked Urban is because of the talent that he has in producing music, and having songs that you can relate to depending on the mood that you are in. From watching Urban on the television and listening to him on the radio, he is a real down to Earth kind of man, who has had troubled times, but has pulled through them and thanks God for every day. I also picked Keith Urban because of the way that he presents himself. When viewing him on American Idol, he seems like a fair man, and does not put people down. He gives them the truth and is very professional about it. Urban sympathizes and does what he can to encourage those who get sent home on American Idol to continue to practice and get

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