Louis Armstrong: The Harlem Renaissance

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Louis Armstrong was a part of an influential time of the Harlem Renaissance. He played a major role in the Jazz Age, otherwise known as the Roaring Twenties. He helped this time period move forward with this type of jazz. Louis and his group, the Oliver band, brought “swing” to this time period. Louis Armstrong helped start a significant music period (“Louis Armstrong”). Armstrong was born in New Orleans, on the fourth of August in 1901 and died on the sixth of July in 1971 in New York, New York. Louis grew up in extreme poverty. He had to work many strange jobs to get money for survival. He also sang in a boys quartet. Armstrong was sent to a juvenile delinquent home in 1913 called the Colored Waifs Home. In this home, he learned to play …show more content…
In the 1920’s he played on the riverboats of Mississippi. He did not start his ascent to fame when he was asked to be in a leading band in Chicago, as the second cornet, in 1922. The name of the band was Oliver’s Creole Jazz. Its members were the brothers Johnny and Baby Dodds and his to be wife Lil Hardin, the lead pianist of the group. They were married in 1924. He recorded his first solos in pieces as “Tears” and “Chimes Blues.” These are songs are composed by Louis and his wife, Lil. He later quit the band, played in New York for a year, and came back to Chicago to play in orchestras. He emerged as the first great jazz soloist after he recorded his works, Armstrong Hot Five and Hot Seven (“Louis Armstrong”). Armstrong had a far-reaching impact on future generations. He demonstrated how to follow your passion and not back down from a challenge. He influenced people to chase after their dreams. He was a man, in a time where colors were not appreciated, who made it to the top and overcame whatever came his way. He shows that no matter where you come from you can do whatever you want if you stick to it (“Louis Armstrong”). In conclusion, Louis Armstrong went from poverty to fame. He worked his way up through the music world and made it to the top. He was in many bands and took the place of many leading jazz artists of the time. He brought swing to the world and became famous for it. He was a big part of moving the Jazz Age forward and influenced people to achieve their goals (“Louis

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