Keeping The Child With The Foster Parents Essay

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Final verdict

Parents are supposed to be there to take care of you, give you love and all the attention you need. But when the parents have an addiction living with them is not healthy for the child. Taking a child away from an unhealthy living situation is often times the best for everyone. Foster parents are people who love children and are willing to make overnight life changes to provide a better future for children who are taken out of their homes. As a judge I would rule to keep the child with the foster parents.
There are many reasons as to why I would rule to keep the child with the foster parents. For one the parents were irresponsible and the child was in danger when he was with them. The parents may be rehabilitated but there is always a chance that they can relapse. Raising a child can cause a lot of stress and these parents haven’t dealt with it for ten years. The stress of all the changes that they will have to make may cause them to relapse and in return cause danger to the child. The boy may get neglected because the parents don’t know how to handle the stress. There will be a lot of stress added because the parents will have to learn to live with a child. They will have to learn what he likes and what he doesn’t. They will have to be very patient with the boy because he will take some time getting used to his parents. And all this could really cause stress on the parents and may cause them to relapse.
Another reason why I would rule the boy to stay with…

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