Essay on Keep It On Your Radar

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Keep it on your radar. Be aware of everything around you.

Heads up or you might miss all of the fun around you. Look with eyes wide open. Watch for cues from customers. You have to choose to be engaged in your surroundings and not let the day to day create blinders. Don’t let future growth, new ideas, and potential success pass right by while you are looking the other way.

Give us an inch and we can turn it into a foot. Little things are what get noticed, especially when things are not going well. If we make the most of the details, the tiny details, it will turn into bigger and better things. All of these tiny pieces can add up to make a big difference. Just look at your day to day life and realize how disappointing your experiences in the outside world are affected by “small” details. Forgot the straw in your bag, someone didn’t say thank you, no sauce for your McNuggets!, you get the picture. Big opportunities lie in the small details.

We communicate with a sense of urgency. To everyone.

Fellow Nebraskan Larry “The Cable Guy” says it best “Git R Done.” That inner drive to respond in a concise well thought manner is our ace in the hole. Our entire team returns messages and calls the same day. Not only to our customers but our team members as well. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly all info is to be passed along like a hot potato that we don’t want to drop. So in other words quickly but in a way that we can maintain control.

There has to be a…

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