Kanban's Effect In The Automotive Industry

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Today, Kanban is being used widely around the world. There are a lot of businesses apply Kanban in manufacturing production to promote improvement. Kanban can create great effect in automotive industry. However, the factor that make Kanban become one of the most worthy tool to use is that it can be utilized by any industry. From software houses to clothing manufacturers, as the underlying mechanism for managing the production chain can still be used. Zara can produce products continuously by using a network of 14 highly automated factories in Spain and more than 300 small finishing factories in Morocco, Portugal and Turkey. The manufacturing process of this popular fashion brand can stay in local and do not have to outsourcing to Asia. Zara creates over 1000 designs per month which depend on customers demands and the latest trends. The manager …show more content…
This make the production time get higher, reduce life of component and wastes resource. The over processing muda caused by loss of standard operation routine, misunderstanding process, poor of modernization and development. This problem can be solved by using suitable processes( prevent overly complex machinery or processes if possible), utilizing those processes that satisfy consumers standards and expectation.
Overproduction occurs when the products is made too much or too early that out of customer requirement. Overproduction is the most dangerous of all of the seven mudas. It creates enormous number of inventory, require too much space and cost money. Using MRP push more than Kanban pull, spending long lead time, lack of supplier connections and consumers focus are the major cause of this muda. The appropriate solutions for this case are balance supply and requirement, produce per actual demand instead of forecasting sales and consume Just-in-time(JIT) manufacturing

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