Kami Corporation Essay

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Any type of business always requires effective communication. At any one point there is never over communication and as the case study of Kami Corporation pointed out there is a need for communication and cooperation.

Expansion and growth of a business is always a positive. However, there are also many draw backs but with effective management, communication and all the components necessary for prosperity the business will definitely succeed. Kami Corporation is a new company formed from under the Mega Corporation umbrella. This new business venture was especially formed to assemble and produce Aiwa TV’s. Aiwa is a subsidiary of Sony but their TV’s has a weaker position than its
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The place for waste materials would definitely need its own storage facility whether it would be used for recycling or just be thrown out as garbage.

Mrs. Lee has been informed that a problem exists and this problem was indentified within the order process. This is very important as it is the very start of any production activities. However, communication again seemed to be lacking between the departments at Kami Corporation. If orders were wrong when being placed then of course it will be wrong when the orders are received back at Kami Corporation. Only until the order is received then mistakes are being pointed out since parts would then be missing for completion of the TV’s. Storing these after completion should also be effective in order for shipment to be made on a timely manner. If delivering of only two items were hard to meet then it would only be worse when there are more models added on by Aiwa. Kami Corporation needed changes as soon as possible in order to continue serving Aiwa as per agreements made.

Mr. Olano was appointed as the new General Manager for Kami Corporation and he was instructed by Mrs. Lee to immediately correct any existing problems with Kami Corporation. However this proved to be more than challenging since he was resented by other managers and fellow colleagues. This made the working environment much more difficult than it already was. Mr. Olano could not have easily jumped into

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