KPMC Case Study: Social, Mobile, Analytics And Cloud

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SMAC stands for Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud. This aims at the creation of such an environment which helps a venture to better its operations, helps bring the business closer to the consumer/customer keeping in view the costs of overhead and also providing the maximum outreach to the customers. Now, new business models are being developed, owing to the presence of –
1. Mobile devices
2. Sensors
3. Social media
4. Loyalty card programs
5. Online ecommerce websites
They are primarily driven the data which is generated by the customers of the products and the services. Now, the good thing as a flaw is that these provide a good solution going simultaneously as a single unit of work, while individually they a really short outreach on the goals set. His helps to provide for a durable competitive advantage.
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The businesses now have newer ways to reach the customer and thus get to interact in an entirely new way. The technological advancement of the mobile world, has given us with the new trends in which the people on the earth get to communicate with each other. The analytics provide with a way to get in the numerically viable crunching stream of the works. They provide an arithmetic approach to understand how exactly and how much in the volumes are the consumers are in the frenzy of consuming some goods and services. The cloud computing has given made the technology accessible using the paradigm of online servers. The cloud computing technology gives a procedural framework for the businesses to react back in times of needs, the ever changing scenario of the markets and providing for solutions to the business issues. The presence of each of them has viably been an individual integral force. But, the recent integration has provided to the people an entirely new perspective to the thinking of the solution providers. The businesses are now being ruled the new

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