Essay about Juveniles Should Not Be Tried As Adults

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Juveniles should not be tried as adults , there are fourteen states that do not have an age limit towards children that have committed crimes that are considered more heinous. There is four different cases where four young minors committed a brutal crime. Two of them being tried as an adult and the other two as juveniles. Even an eleven year old being able to be tried as an adult for murder.
Many may argue that by the age of ten children know what they are doing, enough to know the consequences of their action. “Some states set the minimum age at 10, 12, or 13” (Eji). In the case of sixteen year old Shawn, he stabbed his father in his sleep. He was prosecuted for attempted murder. Shawn was unaware of what he committed for he did not remember he had stabbed his father. He plead guilty in the juvenile system for a shorter sentence. Rather than pleading innocent and the case taken to adult criminal court. Shawn had come from a trouble home, alcoholic mother that lead to his abuse of drugs and alcohol. He was sent to a physical evaluation, where they found he had problems with his sleep. “He was sleepwalking when he walked he attacked his father”(pbs).
Marquese a seventeen year old was convicted as an adult , he was months from turning eighteen years old. “He was charged with auto theft and residential burglary”(pbs). Most of his life he was out and in of the juvenile system. Marquese came from an abusive home and having his sibling taken by the government . The defense…

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