Juveniles Should Not Be Tried As Adults Essay

Do you think it is prudent to imprison a troubled juvenile with dangerous criminals which have committed actual horrific crimes? I don’t think it is, but some people from the Justice Department and others believe it would be beneficial for troubled juveniles. Even though they committed a crime and should get punished accordingly, despite their age, juveniles should not be transferred to adult facilities. Because prior to the crime executed or imprisonment, the individual was influenced negatively by factors while growing up and developing, that shaped the individual that way. Also after being imprisoned in an adult facility, the juvenile is more susceptible to execute a crime not only quicker but also to a higher degree.
Juveniles should not be tried as adults because it might not be their fault they turned out to be offenders. Huge determining factors in the development of a child are the people who raised the child and also the environment in which they were raised upon. Too much discipline or the lack thereof from a parental figure may negatively influence an individual to become an offender. Permissive parents raise their children to become reckless and not understand the ‘limits to acceptable behavior’ in society (Begley & Kalb, 2000). Autocratic parents
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Others argue, according to Canada (2012), that juveniles are infringing and depriving the “life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness” of other individuals and should be punished accordingly regardless of age. Which in that case makes the crime factor more important than the offender themselves. Also by imprisoning juveniles they’ll learn the severity of their actions and understand the consequences for them. Others believe that juvenile offenders know what they’re doing and know that it’s wrong, yet they still commit

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