Juveniles Should Be Tried As Adults Essay

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Juveniles who break the law should be counted as adults depending on what crime they do. Juveniles need to take responsibility if they are going to do big crimes and are going to be tried as adults. Too many kids are doing crimes and getting away with it with a slap on the wrist basically. In Canada if a person is arrested and sent to jail under the age of 18, that person will get out of jail at the age of 25. It is a law that if you are sent to jail at the age of 18 they cannot give juveniles a life sentence, but they can give juveniles until the age of 25. Minors who are not tried as adults now will move on to bigger crimes. If minors do not get tried as adults on serious crimes now and rehabilitated they are going to end up in the same position months or years down the road but this time it is only going to be worse I agree with some minors with crimes like robbery can be rehabilitated but a person can also think that juveniles who do crimes such as murder should not be tried as a minor. One young man faced …show more content…
This is a part of the "raise the age" movement(Eckholm). Why should juveniles be tried as adults? Juveniles should be tried as adults if they want to make their own mistakes, so they will have to pay for their mistakes. Which Juveniles should not be allowed to have the death penalty. The reason I think that is that children should not be tried as adults and get the death penalty, is that no one should be killed because of their mistakes. No one should be allowed to have the death penalty. They should just have to live with what they done. Iowa teenagers did not face a life sentence because the sentence had ruled cruel and unusual punishment(Rodgers). They were given no chance to show rehabilitation in prison(Rodgers). I think that yes some juveniles who have done some crimes should be let into rehabilitation programs but a juvenile murdering someone else should not be allowed, they know what they are doing and they know that it is not

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