Juvenile Justice : If Juveniles Should Be Tried As Adults Essay examples

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Juvenile Justice: If Juveniles Should be Tried as Adults. In 1998, fifteen year old Anthony Laster of West Palm Beach Florida was charged as an adult for strong armed robbery and extortion and faced life in prison. The crime? Taking two dollars of a classmate 's lunch money. Anthony, a mentally disabled child that functioned at the level of a five year old, had to spend four weeks in a county jail when his family couldn’t post the five hundred dollar bail. The prosecutor, Barry E Krischer dropped the charges after the issue gained national attention (Hansen 45). In contrast, in 2008 a 22 year old was brought to court as an adult for crimes committed as a juvenile. These included the murder of a seventeen year old student and a 43 year old woman. Along with a spree of robberies, 23 felonies, 23 misdemeanors and 18 probation violations, he was also a registered sex offender. This numerous crimes were committed when the felon was seventeen and eighteen years old so he was legally a minor and received minimal punishment in the juvenile court system (Parole for Juvenile Justice is Necessary Hudson 67). These cases represent the two extremes of the ongoing social dilemma of when the adult criminal system should be used inplace of the juvenile justice system. The opposing views of this topic span from the belief that any serious crime should be under the jurisdiction of the adult system, no matter the age of the perpetrator; to the idea that children should not be held…

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